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The Affordable OTR Blog: Software Tools for the Old-Time Radio Collector 

Perhaps like me, you've been collecting old-time radio shows for quite some time. While not universally the case, I suspect that you may have a few software applications to help you manage the old-time radio shows in your collection.

I know as my collection started to grow, I decided to begin naming my shows in a consistent manner. That required that I modify the names of many of the new shows that I added to my existing ones. At some later point, I began to enter an ID tag within each of my old-time radio files. On some few occasions, I found that I wanted to edit a show or improve its audio quality. And as my collection grew, I began looking for a means to identify and eliminate duplicate shows. Each of these functions - as well of several others - required that I find and learn to use a new audio software tool.   

Along the way, I've accumulated several software applications that help me accomplish the changes I wish to make. Many I simply could not do without. Almost all of them are inexpensive or free. No doubt,because some of the software that I rely on is familiar, you may already have tried or be using them. But some of my favorite tools are far less familiar.  I've added this blog to my website so that I can share with you information about some of my favorite applications. My hope is that you may find a few new tools that help you become more productive, and make collecting old-time radio shows even a more enjoyable hobby.

By the way, if you use an application that you suspect few others know about, I'd love to hear from you.  You can always email me at or call me at (513) 201-7537.
June 22, 2016
THE Rename

I've used this software for more than a decade to modify the file names of many thousands of old-time radio shows. In most instances, I modify the names in order to maintain consistency given the large number of shows in my collection. THE Rename is quite powerful and has saved me countless hours compared to the labor-intensive task of manually renaming dozens or hundreds of files at once.

I've successfully installed and used THE Rename on several 32-bit Windows XP computers, as well as 32 and 64-bit Windows 7 computers. I recently was able to install this application on a 32-bit computer that was recently upgraded to Windows 10. During the installation of THE Rename on the upgraded PC, Windows displayed an error message, but offered me the option to proceed with the installation, which I did. After the program was installed, I tested THE Rename on more than 500 old-time radio shows. It renamed the files with no difficulty. That having been being said, I was unable to find any documentation that the program has been tested on systems that run Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, so if you wish to install THE Rename on one of these operating systems, the results may fall short of your expectations. I should add that while The Rename includes an "Undo Last Rename" feature, it's always a good idea to create a backup copy of any files you plan to rename until you're statisfied with the changes you have made.

THE Rename offers the user what seems to be countless ways that you can modify the names of computer files, but I primarily rely on a limited number of options.  I almost always use THE Rename's Search and Replace feature for modifying the prefix of old-time radio shows, and I use a half-dozen commands within THE Rename's very powerful Free Form feature to modify file names when Search and Replace is unable of making the changes I wish to make. The Free Form commands can be used to capitalize all the words in a file name, add or remove characters at designated places within a name, add or remove everything that appears after a specified word...  As I suggested earlier, the list of Free Form commands is far too lengthy for me to discuss here.

Rather than attempting to use my limited space improve on the author's useful tutorials and help file that are included when THE Rename is downloaded, I have prepared a short slide show to illustrate
how THE Rename can be used to modify the file names of several dozen Old-Time Radio files quickly by using this outstanding software application. The slide show can be displayed on your default web browser, provided you have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. If you find you need a newer version of Adobe Flash, I would strongly suggest you download it directly from Adobe ( I was able to display the slides by using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Using THE Rename - A Silde Show




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