More than 88,000 Old-Time Radio shows delivered to your front door on a USB hard drive for only $99.95! 

How to Order

[NOTE: Orders received will be shipped on upon my release from the hospital. I expect to be home no later than April 12. If you log on be before then and this message has been removed, I'll be back at work. Thank you for your patience.]
The 88,000 digital files that comprise the Affordable OTR Collection occupies more than 90% of our USB 500 Gigabyte external hard drive. The remaining unused space can be used any way you wish.  Should you have need for more storage capacity for music, photos, or movies that you have already acquired, you can order the Affordable OTR Collection on an optional 1 Terabyte hard drive, leaving you more than 480 Gigabytes of free space after all the Affordable OTR collection has been loaded. The additional cost for the larger optional hard drive is only $30. Whether you choose the 500 Gigabyte USB external hard drive or the 1 Terabyte USB external hard drive, you'll receive the exact same collection of old time radio content. 

Placing your order could not be easier. If you are a US resident and wish to have the Affordable OTR Collection shipped free anywhere in the USA, just use the PayPal link below. (PayPal will add a surcharge to cover the cost of shipping to destinations outside of the US. In most instances, the additional cost will be less than $25 US.)

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can establish an account safely and quickly at the time you place your order.  PayPal allows you to pay online by using a credit card or your checking account at no additional cost to you. 

To place your order for 88,000 Old-Time Radio Shows, please designate a 500 Gigabyte or a 1 Terabyte USB external hard drive below and click the Buy Now button.

Hard Drive

* An additional 6.5% will be added to the purchase price for Ohio residents 



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